We are a resilient company that was established in 2007, which has allowed already rich experience in the industry, which was collected since 2002. At the very beginning, the company was involved in designing websites, portals as well as online shops.

Specialized in domain name registration, web hosting, and maintaining email accounts. The next stage of the company became the design of business cards, leaflets, posters, corporate papers, banners and various advertising gadgets. We saw that the customer needed the care they needed most, so we started printing and delivering the products to our customers. Thanks to modern printers, cutting equipment and our passion for work we can meet the most demanding needs.

In our crew there are four computer graphic designers, each has its own design method which allows the project to fit almost every client. We work with the best graphics studios to make your work easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore? We invite every customer to our graphic studio to be able to finish the last prints with graphics. Simple design? We can do it right away, where in a while we will go to productions. Such work speeds up the execution time.

There are also two advertising fitters in the team, so that designed and printed advertisements can appear in your company. Fitters can handle advertising, car, bus, banner, billboard, billboards, spatial letters and many more.

The last place, and maybe even the first, is a programmer who has a great deal with the virtual world 🙂

In the printing industry we have a very wide range of activities, we print business cards, flyers, letterheads, posters, flyers, brochures, notepads, vouchers, discount cards, invitations, catalogs, calendars, stickers, tray washes, tickets, carbon copy prints, envelopes, postcards , You can exchange forever 🙂

Since 2015, another breakthrough in our company, we have started to print wallpapers and mount them, we also print a roller shutter that is laser cut, which prevents the material from dripping and wandering to the selected system.

We print canvas images that are framed on a wooden frame and photographic images that are framed in an aluminum frame.

We then invested in laser engravers and cuts. Thanks to it, we can engrave in wood, plexiglass, metal, paper, laminate, aluminum, leather. What started in our offer book calendars of artificial leather, identifiers, pendrives, statuettes, diploma luminaires ... the applications are really very much.

Each ad is the result of teamwork and is committed to the full contribution of our creativity and the skills that each of us possesses. Thanks to our customers, we have the opportunity to gain more and more experience in every aspect of our industry, which results in even higher quality of our products. We know the city, its surroundings and the rules they govern, so we understand our customers better and we can better meet their expectations. Our advertising helps larger companies stay on top of the market, with small businesses taking the first steps.

We work with one of the best photographers in Karolem Skiba, which, like our company, is also able to meet the expectations of individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Thanks to professional equipment we can produce the highest quality photographs for use in the production of advertisements or on the website. We also work with a photo bank where you can quickly buy photos for your ads.

From the beginning we were focused on the development of opportunities and progress of the company, so we are also able to realize almost any custom order.

Despite all these opportunities, we are still little and strive to further develop our skills and equipment.

We trusted many people and many significant companies. Do not wait and you!